Creative Corner: ‘What Do You Know About Me?’ by Aaron G. Kitzler

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What do you really know about me?

What do you know about four brick walls, 
and 15-minute collect phone calls?

What do you know about 20-foot-high wire fences?

What do you know about 
getting screamed at 
and told what to do, 
by an ‘authority’ figure 
who couldn’t walk a day in your shoes?

What do you know about having nothing to call your own?
What do you know about having a four-foot cell with a pisser in it, 
and nothing to call home?

What do you know about having everything stripped from your life, 
and praying you don’t get stabbed when you try to sleep at night?

Before you pass judgement and say I chose my own path, 
let me take a second and give you some insight into my past.

What do you know about growing up below the poverty line?
What do you know about your mother being gone for days,
and you don’t have no idea where she went?
What do you know about freezing in the winter because they’ve turned off the power?
What do you know about going next door to the neighbor’s house 
just to get something to eat?
What do you know about getting kicked out when you’re 16 years old?
What do you know about being forced to sleep in the back of a van,
or on the streets,
because you have nowhere else to go?

So, before you pass judgement about a man you’ve never seen,
Ask yourself:

What do you REALLY know about ME?

Aaron G. Kitzler is currently incarcerated at Angola State Penitentiary.

If you or someone you know is a currently or formerly incarcerated person with creative content to offer, please submit your materials to [email protected] and we’ll be in touch! We’ll share the content on social media and always give credit to the artist(s) involved. Any type of submission–whether stories, poems, illustrations, music, videos or something else–are welcome!