The Final Week of the COVID-19 Legislative Session

As the legislative session winds down, it has become very clear that this is not just an emergency session for COVID-related bills. The final week of this session looks like any other, with bills covering a wide range of topics. 

ACTION ALERT: HB 643, HB 529 all need to get a hearing in Senate Judiciary C this week! Call and email Chairman Franklin Foil asking him to put the bills on the agenda TODAY! 225-342-6777 / [email protected]

Here are some of the bills we’ve been following this session, covering Prison Conditions, Supervision and Discrimination, and Medical Marijuana: 

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Tell Governor Edwards: Releasing 1,100 People Is NOT Enough!

Illustration by Molly Costello

Here’s where things stand at the end of this week.

At Gov. John Bel Edwards’ daily press conference on Tuesday, Department of Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc announced that he has plans to release what will amount to about 1,100 people. That’s not even 2% of the total number of people incarcerated in Louisiana, not including those in ICE facilities or on probation or parole! Not only that, but the plan only applies to those who: are doing time for a nonviolent offense, are within six months of their release date, and already have a residence plan for their release. Even worse, the review board–which includes no formerly incarcerated people–didn’t begin until today, will only look at 40 cases at a time, and will require 5 of 6 board members to vote in favor of release. This is a negligible plan that isn’t informed by medical or public health experts, and doesn’t actually create any true social distancing within facilities. Can you please call Gov. Edwards right now at 225-342-0991 and tell him we demand that more people, especially our elderly and immunocompromised loved ones, come home?! Then can you repeat this call every day, and encourage others to do the same?

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Gov. Edwards: You Have 4 Days to Take 4 Emergency Actions

On Saturday, Patrick Jones died of the coronavirus while inside FCI Oakdale Prison in Allen Parish. Seven others from Oakdale are currently hospitalized because the pandemic has been spreading among the 990 men held at this facility. Positive cases are also confirmed at Angola, as well as in jails in Jefferson, Orleans, and Ascension Parishes. The spread among facilities is quickly catching up to–and will eventually surpass–the rate among the broad public. In NYC, for example, the infection rate in jails is already EIGHT TIMES that of outside the jail.

For the past three weeks we’ve been calling on decisionmakers at every level to immediately release as many people from these facilities as possible so that not only do they not endure the same fate as Patrick did, but they don’t put thousands of others in harm’s way, too, by spreading the virus. 

The answer we keep hearing? “We’re working on it.”

That’s vague. It’s irresponsible. It’s not something that consoles our families who are worried sick about their loved ones on the inside.

Gov. Edwards must take swift action before he has blood on his hands.


1) Grant 180-days Good Time to allow everyone within 6 months of going home to get home; 

2) Issue medical parole for everyone with respiratory conditions, anyone who is immunocompromised, and anyone over 60 years old;

4) Create a jail and prison COVID-19 oversight commission under the Office of Public Health and CDC, with the power to interview sick people, enforce basic medical standards, and ensure families have a right to know about the health of their loved ones. 

Can you help us make these demands by calling these three people today?

Gov. John Bel Edwards: 225-342-0991

U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, MD: 202-224-5824

U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham, MD:
if you live in Central Louisiana call 318-445-0818
if you live in Northeast Louisiana call 318-322-3500
if you live in South Louisiana call 985-516-5858

Read the full demands letter that we sent to the Governor here

Thank you for taking action. We are sending you and your loved ones love, persistence and hope in these times.

Coronavirus Update: Now is the Time to Decarcerate

Decarceration IS Public Health!

First and foremost, we are here for you. These are turbulent times, and we want to remind you that we love you, we are with you, and we will get through this together. Here are a few updates on where things stand with our incarcerated loved ones and with for members at home.

Our incarcerated loved ones
Most important, now is the time to bring as many of our loved ones in jails and prisons home. When the virus hits facilities, it will spread like wildfire among 2.3 million people. A federal lockdown that further punishes and tears families apart is not the solution. Rather, we demand that our elderly, anyone with existing health conditions, those doing time for nonviolent offenses, anyone in jail on technical violations or misdemeanors, and anyone in jail awaiting trial go NOW! We also demand that routine police stops, warrants, and any unnecessary arrests cease immediately. 

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